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The Clarence Approach to Learning

At Clarence our vision is to shape confident, imaginative and curious learners primed with a foundation of academic excellence. We achieve this through personalised, play-based learning experiences designed with a focus on the arts and grounded in the British EYFS curriculum.


The Arts at Clarence

Our children experience a rich and varied arts programme. In our weekly music lessons, children are supported by specialist music teachers, while visual art lessons introduce children to a range of disciplines including sculpture, printmaking and ceramics.

Play-based learning

The benefits of learning through play have been widely acknowledged. At Clarence, children are given opportunities to explore and play independently, helping them to develop social and communication skills as well as important learning dispositions that will support them throughout their lives.

A Love of Language

Our children learn English through exposure to a rich variety of high quality texts. From traditional tales to Romantic poetry and even a sprinkling of Shakespeare, Clarence children experience the very best that the English language has to offer!


  • cis-class-tiny-stars-symbol

    Tiny Stars

    18 Months to 2 years old

    • Teacher: Pupil Ratio of 1:3~4
    • Minimum 2 days/week
    • Half-day and Full-day programmes available
  • cis-class-little-star-symbol

    Little Star

    2-3 years old

    • Teacher: Pupil Ratio of 1:3~4
    • Minimum 2 days/week
    • Half-day and Full-day programmes available
  • cis-class-blue-sky-symbol

    Blue Sky

    3-4 years old

    • Teacher: Pupil Ratio of 1:8
    • Minimum 5 days/week
    • Full-day programme only
  • cis-class-rainbow-symbol


    4-5 years old

    • Teacher: Pupil Ratio of 1:8
    • Minimum 5 days/week
    • Full-day programme only
  • cis-class-sunshine-symbol


    5-6 years old

    • Teacher: Pupil Ratio of 1:8
    • Minimum 5 days/week
    • Full-day programme only

Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)

Clarence International School follows the Early Years Foundation Stage, a statutory framework from England which supports children from birth to five in seven areas of learning.

Early years foundation stage (EYFS) statutory framework

  • Personal, Social, and Emotional Development

    Developing a positive sense of self, forming relationships and developing respect for others; developing social skills and learning how to manage feelings; understanding appropriate behaviour in groups; and developing self-confidence.

  • Physical Development

    Developing control of the body in space as well as fine and gross motor skills. Understanding and practising appropriate self care.

  • Communication and Language

    Experiencing a text-rich language environment to develop confidence and skills in self-expression, speaking and listening.

  • Literacy

    Learning to use phonics effectively to read and write. Being exposed to a wide range of reading material (fiction, non-fiction, poetry and picture books) to inspire and ignite a love of literature.

  • Mathematics

    Develop and improve skills in counting, understanding and using numbers, calculating simple problems; describing shapes, spaces, and measures.

  • Understanding the World

    Growing an understanding of the world around us through exciting activities designed to introduce early concepts in science, history, geography and social studies.

  • Expressive Arts and Design

    Exploring and playing with a wide range of media. Sharing thoughts, ideas and feelings through a variety of activities in Art, Poetry, Music, Movement, Dance, Role Play, and Design Technology.

Outdoor Learning

From daily visits to our local parks to exploring the wider Tokyo area, we make sure that our children have plenty of opportunities to explore the natural world. Regular visits to our local “Muddy Parks” are a highlight for our children. Who doesn’t love putting on a pair of wellies and jumping in huge muddy puddles?

Our Physical Education (P.E.) lessons ensure that our children get plenty of exercise to help them to grow-up healthily.

Term Dates and Calendar

clarence-tokyo-preprep-students-outside-22023-24 Academic Year

Autumn Term
August 28th 2023 – December 6th 2023

Winter 2024
January 9th 2024 – March 20th 2024

Spring 2024
April 2nd 2024 – June 27th 2024

2023-24 Calendar

CIS Omotesando Calendar

School Transport


Clarence International School is able to offer families a convenient school bus option to assist children in getting to and from school each day. Our service offers pick up and drop off options from points along our school bus route and has two operations per day.

To learn more information, please contact the school office.

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