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Japanese Class

The Clarence International School Japanese Programme is designed especially for preschool children to provide them with the Japanese skills they need for entry into top Tokyo schools. The classes are delivered in our unique Clarence way; full of fun, arts, cultural immersion and high quality teaching and learning and will provide children with a solid foundational understanding of the language. Our teachers will guide students on their journey whether it's learning first words or writing in hiragana and katakana. 

We have 3 classes in our Japanese programme; Sakura, Sumire and Momiji. 


Classes 開講クラス

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Sakura Class (Currently not open)

Tuesday 15:15~17:25

For non-native children who are learning Japanese for the first time


In this class, children will enjoy learning Japanese with a focus on Japanese culture and customs through fun songs, arts and word play.  


Learning Contents

  • Hiragana 

  • Short greetings 

  • Presenting and answering/ asking simple questions

  • Songs and reading poems aloud

  • Japanese grammar and vocabulary

  • Crafts and arts

  • Learn Japanese cultural events, games and mannerisms (how to call your friends and teachers, how to sit down) including how to use chopsticks, how to tie a string, etc.




  • ひらがな学習

  • 簡単な挨拶

  • 発表と簡単な質疑応答

  • 歌や詩の音読

  • 日本語の文法と単語学習

  • 工作やアート

  • 日本文化

  • 日本ならではの文化行事や遊びを楽しんだり、日本的なマナー(お友達や先生の呼び方や座り方等)、お箸の持ち方、紐の結び方といった、日本ならではのお行儀指導も取り入れています。

Sumire Class

Wednesday 15:15~17:25

Beginner class for children who are native Japanese speakers

 This class targets those who are planning to enrol to Year 1 in top school or Japanese Elementary School


来年度、Year 1に入学を検討されている、または日本の小学校への進学を希望されている生徒を対象としています

Working together with a top international school’s Japanese teachers, we have incorporated all 4 literacy skills (reading, writing, listening, and speaking) in the lessons in a well-balanced manner including learning Hiragana, reading aloud poems, and presenting so that children have the skills required for entry. 


Learning Contents

  • Hiragana and Katakana  (aim to be able to read and write)

  • Presenting and asking/answering simple questions

  • Song and reading poems aloud

  • Listening, ways of speaking (improving vocabulary, concentration and language skills and broadening expression)

  • Vocabulary study (thematic study to master vocabulary that are necessary to know entrance into top schools)

  • Reading aloud poems (reading books carefully and developing the ability to read and write hiragana sentences fluently)

  • Crafts and art

  • Learn Japanese cultural events and games, and mannerism (how to call your friends and teachers, how to sit down) including how to use chopsticks, how to tie a string, etc.


Examples of Picture Books

  • “Sky blue seeds” by Eriko Nakagawa

  • Guri and Gra by Eriko Nakagawa / Eriko Nakagawa

  • “Guri and Gura’s customers” by Eriko Nagiwa and Yuri Yamawa





  • ひらがな学習(ひらがなを読める、書けることを目指します)

  • 発表と質疑応答

  • 歌や詩の音読

  • 聞き取り・話し方(語彙力向上とともに表現力の幅を広げ、集中力や言語運用能力を高めます)

  • 語彙学習(幼稚園児に必要とされる語彙をテーマ別に学習しマスターします)

  • 詩の音読(本をじっくり読み進め、ひらがな文をすらすら読んだり書いたりする力を養います)

  • 工作やアート

  • 日本ならではの文化行事や遊びを楽しんだり、日本的なマナー(お友達や先生の呼び方や座り方等)、お箸の持ち方、紐の結び方といった、日本ならではのお行儀指導も取り入れています。





「ぽつぽつ だいじょうぶ?」しもかわゆみ など

Momiji Class

Friday 15:15~17:25

Advance class for native Japanese speaker, who are planning to enrol to Year 2 in top school or Japanese Elementary School


来年度Year 2に入学を検討されている、または日本の小学校への進学を希望されている生徒を対象としています

This class targets children who are native Japanese speakers who already have some formal Japanese tuition. We aim to build upon previously learned skills to ensure pupils have a deep and broad understanding and usage of Japanese. 


Learning Contents

  • Hiragana and Katakana (learning to write in correct stroke order and balance)

  • Presenting and answering/ asking simple questions

  • Listening and speaking (to improve vocabulary as well as broadening expression, concentration and language skills).

  • Songs and reading poems aloud

  • Vocabulary study 

  • Crafts and art 


Examples of Picture Books

  • “14 mice” by Kazuo Iwamura

  • “ Mr Turnip flew” by Taro Gomi

  • “Guri and Gura’s customers” by Eriko Nagiwa and Yuri Yamawa


インターナショナル・プライマリースクールの国語科講師と連携し、Year 2 入学までに必要な4技能「読む、書く、聞く、話す」をバランスよくレッスンに組み込み、ひらがな、カタカナ学習や音読、歌、発表などを行います。



※来年度Year 2に進学を希望されている生徒で、ひらがなをマスターされていない生徒は、すみれクラスをご受講下さい。



  • ひらがなの復習とカタカナの学習 (ひらがなについては、書き順やバランスに注意しながら書く)

  • 発表と質疑応答

  • 聞き取り・話し方(語彙力向上とともに表現力の幅を広げ、集中力や言語運用能力を高めます)

  • 季節の歌や詩の音読

  • 語彙学習(幼稚園児に必要とされる語彙をテーマ別に学習しマスターします)

  • 工作やアート(指示行動)



「14ひきのねずみ 」いわむらかずお

「かぶさん とんだ」ごみたろう



Who can join?

  • 4 to 6 years old (we may exceptionally accept 3 years old if the child meets the following conditions). 

  • Shows good attention and behaviour

  • ​Is able to go to the toilet by her/himself

  • Is able to hold a pencil correctly to trace and write letters

  • 原則的には4-6歳児対象(下記条件を満たしている場合、3歳児もご相談下さい)

  • コンスタントな補助なく、一定時間座り先生の言うことを聞くことができる

  • トイレに自分で行けること(うんちの場合などは補助致します)

  • 鉛筆を正しく持て、ある程度の筆圧で直線や曲線が書けること

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