Winter School

16th - 20th December 2019

'The White Kingdom'

Arts-based programme for age 2 - 6 years

​This year, Clarence International School invites you to join us as we journey into a frozen and magical land, 'The White Kingdom'!

Through this theme, the children will have a chance to learn about the extreme environment of the South and North Poles and their icy landscape, animals who inhabit these places such as penguins, reindeer, and polar bears, and the Inuit people's amazing life.

The children will be fully immersed in lots of theme-related stories, music, dance, visual arts, poetry and drama! Our book selection for this season includes 'The Three Snow Bears', which is a winter-version of the timeless classic 'The Three Bears' story along with Jan Brett's beautiful illustrations, and 'Antarctic Antics' which is full of fun Penguin Poems. We will also of course not forget to enjoy Christmas songs and crafts at this special time of year, but this time we will pay special attention to the reindeers, who are the best known as the most important helpers of Father Christmas!

今年のクラレンスのウィンタースクールでは、`The White Kingdom`をテーマに、北極や南極などの氷に包まれた極地の環境、そこ に住むペンギンやトナカイや白クマなどの動物たち、あるいはイヌイットの人々の生活などについて、読み聞かせの他に音楽、ダ ンス、工作や詩や演劇を通じて学びます!絵本は、有名なイギリスの古典童話「3匹のくま」を美しいイラストレーションと共に 白クマバージョンで描いたJan Brett著 「The Three Snow Bears」や、ペンギンをテーマにした詩がいっぱい詰まった可愛い絵本 「Antarctic Antics」など、たくさんの良書をご用意しています。もちろん、クリスマスの歌や工作も忘れていません、、、でも今 年は、サンタクロースの名助手のトナカイに特に焦点を当てて楽しみましょう!クラレンスの冬の特別なお楽しみを、ぜひ、お見 逃しなく!

Programme For 2 - 6 years


Programme & Fees

※ The Half Day Programme is only available for Snowflake Class (ages 2 to 3 years).


※ We do not accept applications for less than 2 days for Winter School 2019. Please choose days at your convenience if you choose to attend from 3 or 4 days/week.


※ Morning snack fee is included in the tuition fee.


※ 10% tax will be added to all the fees above.



Your child can bring his/her own lunch, or order meals from our affiliated catered lunch service, Luca Deli, at the cost of ¥535 (including tax/ day) for an S size and ¥635 (including tax/ day) for an M size. (More detailed information including how to order will be provided upon your application).


ランチはご自宅から持参いただくことも、提携先であるLuca Deli(から直接オーダーしていただくことも可能です。Luca Deliランチは、Sサイズが税込¥535/日、Mサイズが税込¥635/日となります。(オーダー方法等の詳細はお申込み後、他の必要書類と共に郵送にてお送りいたします)。

Age & Classes

We accept 2 year-old to 6 year-old children. If your child is younger than 2 years old, please contact the school directly. A 10% extra special care fee will be charged to the weekly fees for a child who is younger than 2 years old as of the first day of the programme.  


The children will be divided in three classes according to their age and English Level. This winter, we will have the following classes:

  • Snowflake class - Ages 2 to 3 years  17th-19th are now fully booked

  • Penguin class - Ages 3 to 4 years

  • Polar Bear class - Ages 4 to 6 years

ウィンタースクールでは、2歳から6歳のお子様をお受けします。2歳未満のお子様で参加をご希望の場合、個別にご相談ください。 プログラム初日に2歳に満たないお子様は10%のスペシャルケアフィーが加算されます。




・スノーフレーククラス - 対象年齢:2-3歳 
・ペンギンクラス    - 対象年齢:3-4歳
・ポーラーベアクラス  - 対象年齢:4-6歳


Extended care in our Nursery is available throughout Winter School (from 2:30pm-6:00pm). The rate is ¥1,500/h plus tax. ​



  • To sign up, please submit the form below. 

  • Please note that once confirmed, no refund will be given under any circumstances. We will not be able to arrange transfer or make-up days during & after Winter School.

Thank you. We will revert to you as soon as possible.


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