Summer School

8th July - 9th August 2019

'Story-telling Summer'

Arts-based programme for age 2 - 6 years

​Join us at Clarence International School as we welcome the summer and enjoy our 'Story-telling Summer' themed holiday school. Children will have the opportunity to experience the warmth and richness of the summertime through our themed story and poem activities. Each week will be based on the works of some of the world's most beloved children's authors such as Mark Inken, Michael Rosen, Judith Kerr and others!

Using our unique, arts-focused curriculum, children will enjoy a fun-packed program of craft making, art, music and dancing to experience the joys of summer. This will also give our students the opportunity to explore and pay homage to some of the greats of children's literature.

​Alongside, for each literary theme, we will further immerse pupils into developing their theatrical, musical and linguistic skills, thus strengthening their language






Programme For 2 - 6 years


Programme & Fees

*The Half Day Programme is only available for Marigold Class (ages 2 to 3 years).


*ハーフデイプログラムへのお申し込みはMarigold Class (2~3歳児)に該当するお子様のみとさせていただいております。


Your child can bring her/his own meals, or order school meals. Our school meals are delivered by our affiliated catered lunch service, Luca Deli.

ランチはご持参もしくは提携先であるLuca Deliからのオーダーミールのいずれかをお選びいただけます。

Age & Classes

We accept 2 year-old to 6 year-old children to Summer School. If your child is younger than 2 years old, please contact the school directly. 10% extra special care fee will be charged to the weekly fees for a child who is younger than 2 years old as of the first day of the programmes.  


We will divide the children in three classes according to their age and English Level. We have the following classes:

  • Marigold class - Ages 2 to 3 years (Currently, all weeks are fully booked)

  • Sunflower class - Ages 3 to 4 years (Currently, weeks 1-3 and 5 are fully booked)

  • Lavender class - Ages 4 to 6 years (Currently, weeks 1-3 are fully booked)

サマースクールでは、2歳から6歳のお子様をお受けします。2歳未満のお子様で参加をご希望の場合、個別にご相談ください。 週間プログラムの初日に2歳に満たないお子様はその週のプログラムに10%のスペシャルケアフィーが加算されます。




  • マリーゴールドクラス - 対象年齢:2-3歳(現在、満席となっております)

  • サンフラワークラス - 対象年齢:3-4歳  (現在、1週目、2週目、3週目ならびに5週目が満席となっております)

  • ラベンダークラス - 対象年齢:4-6歳 (現在、1週目、2週目ならびに3週目が満席となっております)


Extended care in our Nursery is available throughout Summer School (from 2:30pm-6:00pm). The rate is ¥1,500/h plus tax. ​



  • Please submit the form below. 


  • We accept applications for a minimum of 1 week for Summer School 2019.


  • Please note that once signed up, no refund will be given under any circumstances.  We will not be able to arrange transfer / make-up days during & after Summer School.


Thank you. We will revert to you as soon as possible.


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