Staff & Pastoral Care

In the classroom, our staff provide pupils with the guidance, care and direction they require to grow and develop, not just academically and physically, but also emotionally. Our team of teachers and assistant teachers provide a positive and nurturing learning environment to foster the best growth in our pupils. When children feel safe, happy and cared for, they are willing to take the risks required to learn in the best ways possible! 

At Clarence, we also believe that within a school community, learning is not limited to pupils. As part of a holistic learning community, our teachers are provided with ongoing professional training which further enhances their knowledge, teaching and assessment skills. 

Meet our the dedicated team below 



​Daisy Clarke

Lead Teacher (Little Star)

Daisy is our newest Little Star class teacher and originally comes from England. She graduated from Loughborough university with a degree in Economics but soon after discovered her love for teaching children. She has a lot of experience in musical theatre and believes that this time spent in performing arts has been key to shaping the person she is today.


Kerry Chen

Lead Teacher (Little Star)

Ms Kerry is an enthusiastic and experienced teacher who is eager to join our Little Star Team! She is a confident and creative educator with an interest in tailoring education to the strengths and interests of the pupils.  As a teacher she shares the same vision as we do here at Clarence: to design exciting, and dynamic learning experiences for our pupils which contribute to their lives outside of the classroom. 


Rory Dobson

Lead Teacher (Blue Sky)

From Leicestershire, United Kingdom, Rory holds a BSc in Computer Science from the University of Nottingham as well as a certification in TEFL. He has over 5 years of experience teaching young children in Japan. He enjoys teaching preschool children as he finds it incredibly rewarding watching students learn and grow.


Maira Raheel

Lead Teacher (Blue Sky)

Ms Maira joins us with 17 years preschool teaching experience. She is a passionate educator who has worked closely with the British Early Years and Foundation Stage curriculum. She has a keen interest in promoting enquiry and curiosity in young learners and helping them connect their experiences in school with the wider world.


Katie Reilly

Lead Teacher (Rainbow)

A British native, Ms. Katie holds a degree in Psychology from Liverpool Hope University and loves working with children. She is a natural teacher with a thoughtful and caring approach who the children love to see each day! 


Joe Lewis

Lead Teacher  (Sunshine)

Joe is from a small coastal town in rural West Wales, UK. He graduated with a B.A in History at the University of Wales Aberystwyth. He has always had an interest in teaching, with many of his family members having close ties with education it has seemed inevitable it would be his career choice. He has chosen the Kindergarten year specifically because he feels he has that vital energy required for these early years and he really enjoys helping children take their first steps in reading and literacy.


DBW BW.jpg

Daniel Barrett-Wood

Head of School

Daniel hails from Yorkshire and has a BSc in Linguistic Sciences specialising in language acquisition and multilingual education. He has over 15 years experience in the Primary and Preschool sectors and has presented at conferences around Europe on the future of education. He is a keen poet and loves to encourage children to explore the power of language through verse. 

Academic Support Staff


Tracy Memije

Assistant Teacher

Tracy is from the Philippines, she studied at Cavite State University with a Bachelor's degree of Business Administration, majoring in Marketing. 


She has always been passionate about a career that involves molding young and inquisitive minds for the future. 


Mary Sayson

Assistant Teacher

Mary is from the Philippines where she graduated with a major in Education in English. Having the opportunity to witness inquisitive young minds being molded brings her delight and makes her heart full.


Jihee Park

Assistant Teacher

Ji-Hee Park is originally from South Korea, but since an early age she has been living in the UK. 

With a passion in Art and Design from her childhood, she graduated from the University of Arts London with a Bachelors in Textile Design. 

Having been brought up with artistic background, she loves and appreciates art and creativity. She believes during our childhood, art, music and drama plays important roles to help children develop and think creatively. 


Marites Takahashi

Assistant Teacher

Marites has a great deal of experience with young children and has an innate nurturing manner. She can usually be found in the roleplay area of our Little Star classroom where she excels in drawing children into "real world" learning experiences, encouraging them to apply their new learning. 


Sarah Ramlan

Assistant Teacher

Sarah is from Malaysia and studied Early Childhood Education at Management and Science University (MSU), Malaysia. She possesses a genuine concern for children to help them to build their future. She believes that children who receive an abundance of love and positive energies from society are truly blessed.


Mitchelle Lovitos

Assistant Teacher

Mitchelle is from the Philippines. Her entire schooling was done in the University of Cebu where she completed a Bachelor in Secondary Education, majoring in Physical Education Health Music and Art particularly  a performing arts. She chose to be a teacher because teaching is not just a profession, it is a mission and being with children is like being endowed with perpetual youth.

She finds the love, laughter, mischief, creativity and imagination of children are like an eternal fountain of joy and vitality. 



Mami Kawasaki

School Manager

Mami went to Kent College for her study abroad in high School. She graduated from the Department of English Language at the University of Sacred Heart. She retired from a major publishing company after her marriage and became a mother of two after working as an English teacher at an international School. She has experience  teaching eurhythmics to children after earning a qualification for English and Japanese eurhythmics at the National Conservatory.Here at Clarence Japanese Class, she will also be leading Japanese classes.


Jasmine Yamane


Jasmine is from Japan and studied visual art in Temple University Japan. She is happy to be involved and help our pupils flourish and enjoy their school life here at Clarence.