Spring School 2020

Location: Omotesando Main Building & Annex Building

Monday 23rd - Friday 27th March

Arts-based programme for age 2 years - 6 years

"Animal Babies"

As warmer days approach and the flowers start to bloom, Clarence International School is excited to welcome you to another week of Spring School! This year, we will be taking a close look at the wonderful lives of some baby animals - from the first few steps of a dainty fawn and little piglets at play, to chirping hatchlings in their nest and joeys in a pouch. As with all of our programmes, the children will be immersed in an array of visual art, drama, music, dance and of course, some children’s stories related to this theme. Our selection this season includes the classic story of “The Ugly Duckling” by Andersen, “Owl Babies” by Martin Waddell, “Does a Kangaroo Have a Mother, too?” by Eric Carle, “I’ll Follow the Moon” by Stephanie Lisa Tara, and more!


今年のSpring Schoolのテーマは「動物の赤ちゃんたち」。ママのお腹の袋の中で育つカンガルー、卵から孵ったら一心不乱に月の方角へと向かう亀の赤ちゃん、親が餌を運んでくるのを今か今かと巣で待ちわびる雛鳥たち、、、赤ちゃんたちの可愛さはもちろん、動物の子育てはどれもユニークで子供たちの興味を惹きつける不思議で一杯です。絵本の読み聞かせはもちろん、ミニ劇や音楽やダンスや詩や工作を通して、様々な動物の赤ちゃんについて学ぶ盛りだくさんな1週間、ぜひお見逃しなく!

Programme and fees

※ 10% tax will be added to all the fees above. 上記の学費に10%の消費税が加算されます。

※ We do not accept applications for less than 3 days for Spring School 2020.  Please choose 

    days at your convenience if you choose to attend from 3 or 4 days/week.



※ The Half Day Programme is only available for Marigold Class (ages 2 to 3 years).



※ Morning snack fee is included in the tuition fee. 午前のスナック代は学費に含まれます。

Ages & Class

We accept 2 year-old to 6 year-old children. If your child is younger than 2 years old, please contact the school directly. A 10% extra special care fee will be charged to the weekly fees for a child who is younger than 2 years old as of the first day of the programme.  


We will divide children into Marigold, Tulip, and Dandelion classes depending on their age and language ability.

*Dandelion Class will be held at our Annex Building (3-3-14 Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku).

スプリングスクールでは、2歳から6歳のお子様をお受けします。2歳未満のお子様で参加をご希望の場合、個別にご相談ください。 プログラム初日に2歳に満たないお子様は10%のスペシャルケアフィーが加算されます。


Spring School期間中は、年齢と英語力により、生徒をMarigold、Tulip、Dandelionの3クラスに分けます。



Your child can bring his/her own lunch, or order meals from our affiliated catered lunch service Luca Deli at the cost of ¥535 (including tax/ day) for S size and ¥635 (including tax/ day) for M size (More detailed information including how to order will be provided upon your application).
ランチはご自宅から持参いただくことも、提携先であるLuca Deli(http://lucadeli.com)から直接オーダーしていただくことも可能です。Luca Deliランチは、Sサイズが税込¥535/日、Mサイズが税込¥635/日となります。(オーダー方法等の詳細はお申込み後、他の必要書類と共に郵送にてお送りいたします)

Daycare Programme

Our Daycare Programme until 6pm is available on weekdays at the hourly rate of ¥1,500 +tax (advance booking rate).

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