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School Bus

Clarence International School is able to offer families a convenient school bus option to assist them in getting to and from school each day. Our service offers pick up and drop off options from points along our school bus route and has two operations per day.

Routes and Timetable

Your child will need to be registered as a Bus User in order to use the School Bus.

The application form is available at the school office. 


Please note that Registration is first come, first served, subject to availability. 


Principally, the general bus areas shown on the map will remain the same throughout the academic year. CIS may change the bus stops/routes within the area before the start of each new term.


Registration Process:

  1. Submit the application form.

  2. Receive School Bus registration documents upon confirmation from the school office.

  3. Read through all the documents and make sure to understand all contents.

  4. Your child will then be eligible to start using the bus service.

Please click the link below to check the current school bus schedule.

Please do not hesitate to contact the school office if you have any questions regarding the school bus service!

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