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Holiday Schools

At the end of each busy term we open our famous Holiday School! This is where children return to spend time immersed in the arts. Each new holiday, a new theme is chosen to explore and our students take a deep dive into the various exciting themes all from an arts-based approach. Whether it's the world of insects, under the sea, polar regions or around the world in 80 days, our children experience a smorgasbord of stimulating and challenging activities. Read on to find out more!

Classes and Building

Magicians and Mages Class and Witches and Warlocks Class will participate in the Spring School at the Main Building. 

Spell-casters and Sorcerers Class will participate in the Spring School at the Annex Building.

Please confirm the class your child will attend in the documents that will be mailed to you after registration.


Magicians and Mages Class Witches and Warlocks Classは、本館でスプリングスクールにご参加いただきます。

Spell-casters and Sorcerers Classは、別館にてご参加いただきます。


Main Building 本館

Annex Building 別館

Important Notes Before Applying

​Please ensure to read and understand the following important information before applying.


  1. ​We accept minimum 3 days sign-up for this programme, and subject to available spaces. 本プログラムは、最低3日以上のお申し込みをお受けいたします。​お席が満席になり次第、お申し込みをお受けできない場合がございますのであらかじめご了承ください。

  2. The Half Day Programme is applicable if your child is applicable for children aged currently 1.5 to 3 years old (under 3 years old as of the end of August 2022). ハーフデイプログラムへのお申し込みは、現在1歳半〜3歳​(​2022年8月末の時点で3歳未満)のお子様を対象とさせていただいております。

  3. Please note that if you are an external student and wish to use daycare programme during the Holiday School, please kindly write the day and hours you wish to reserve on note section of your application or please send the details by e-mail. For advance sign-up, the fee will be charged in advance together with the Holiday School tuition fee in principal. Please note that refunds or any changes to the application are not accepted after payment is settled. Please also note that there is a possibility that we may not be able to accept on-the-day reservations due to full occupancy. 外部生でホリデースクール期間中の保育ルームのご利用を希望される方は、下記申込みフォームの備考欄に希望される日にちと時間を記載してください(または別途メールにてご連絡ください)。事前予約の場合は、ご利用料金をホリデースクールの授業料と一緒にご請求いたします。ご入金後のお申し込み内容の変更および返金はお受けできません。当日予約等の場合、満席のためご予約をお受けできない場合がございます。あらかじめご了承ください

  4. Please understand that any absence during the programme will not be subject to make-up lessons or refunds under any circumstances. プログラム開催期間中にお休みをされた場合、いかなる理由でもお振替や返金の対象となりません。

  5. Please note that all payment charges, including international remittance charges, must be paid by the payer, regardless of the payment method. 支払い方法に問わず、海外送金手数料を含む全てのお支払い手数料は支払い者負担となりますのでご了承ください。

  6. Although we will do our best to accommodate, this programme may be subject to cancellation depending on the government request in case of further spread of COVID-19 or upon confirmation of infection in the school community. コロナウイルス感染症拡大に伴う政府からの要請、またはスクールコミュニティ内で感染が認められた場合、できる限り対応させていただきますが、本プログラムの開催を中止とさせていただく場合がございます。この場合の返金はございません。

  7. Kindly ensure to thoroughly read the guidelines that you will be receiving after the seat confirmation.  後日お送りする本プログラムの概要と手引きをよくご確認ください。

  8. External students must submit the Emergency Form that will be sent to you via Email after registration. 外部生の方は、お申し込み後にお送りするEmergency Formを必ずご提出ください(メールにてお送りします)。

If you wish your child to participate, please ensure to submit the form below. 


Application Deadline: 12 March 2023
​申込期限: 2023年3月12日
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