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When setting up the school, we chose a house in the heart of Omotesando. We believe that this environment has an enormous effect on young children in their spatial recognition and their relationship with the world around them. A house is a warm, nurturing space where children feel comfortable to step outside of their comfort zones and grow. There are lots of parks and green areas to explore in the neighbourhood where we go to learn and play each day. We also use our school bus to venture further out to explore the exciting areas around Tokyo!

Our Main Building houses our Blue Sky, Rainbow and Sunshine classes as well as our extracurricular programmes. The cosy spaces within the Main Building are individually crafted to attend to all our pupils' educational needs. Class spaces and resources are clearly delineated on each floor, and shared spaces have been designed to ensure that staff can support each other in delivering the highest quality learning experience. We have a new cosy library where children can come to work, read and borrow from hundreds of English language books! 

Located a 3-minute walk from the Main Building, our Annex Building, is home to our Little Star class. This is a large and bright space for our youngest children to move, play and explore. Here is where we immerse our children in play-based learning and walk our children through the core EYFS milestones.

A great deal of time and care has been taken in designing the interior of the school facilities to ensure that our classrooms, shared spaces and breakout spaces are tailor-made for a high quality, interactive learning and teaching experience. 


​We have a dedicated school library where children have access to hundreds of English language titles. This is a cosy space designed to invite children and parents inside to enjoy reading and feed their imaginations! 

Rooftop Garden

​Every Spring our rooftop begins to explode into colour as the seeds we planted grow and bloom.

Here our children learn about the germination process, how plants grow from seeds, how they flower and develop fruit and how we can use the seeds from fruit to start all over again! Not only this but our children use the fruits and vegetables we grow to prepare healthy recipes and snacks!

​Children learn what plants need to grow!

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