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Daycare Programme

Each day we offer after-school opportunities in our exciting Daycare Programme for members of our Clarence community. From 2:30PM until 6:00PM children can join us and be involved in a range of activities designed to develop the creative skills of the pupils! 

After preschool, children from each class join our after-school daycare. This is a beloved part of the day where children experience a more relaxed setting full of fun, games and arts and crafts. Here the focus is not on academics but allowing the children to explore their own passions and interests. From cosy quiet reading to expressive dance and song, explorative, vibrant artwork and messy sensory play - it can all be enjoyed here! 

Our Daycare is the perfect relaxed setting for children to become better communicators. Our regular users of daycare experience great gains in their English conversation skills and really benefit from the extra time immersed in arts and play in an English speaking environment. 

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