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Alis Grave


(Nothing is heavy for those who have wings)

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The Clarence Family

We take great pleasure in welcoming you to Clarence International School, Omotesando — a world class international preschool delivering the highest quality education in the heart of Tokyo.

Established in 2016 in Omotesando, Tokyo, our school offers a unique opportunity for discerning families to access a culturally rich international education. Working closely with the prestigious British royal founding charity — Children & The Arts (CATA) in the United Kingdom, founded by HRH the Prince of Wales in 2006 — we wanted to play our part in exposing children to the arts in Japan.

Our international curriculum is carefully crafted using the gold standards established by the leading Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum from the UK. In this way, children aged 2 to 6 receive a strong academic grounding through a bespoke immersion into personal, social and emotional development, visual arts, physical development, literacy, language and communication, numeracy and science, and understanding the world around them. This is delivered by a passionate academic team and supported by a dedicated administrative team and structure, which prioritizes educational quality, health & safety, and pastoral care.

Our pupils and families are truly international with backgrounds from all over the world. We embrace diversity and learn about each other's traditions and cultures in many different ways; whether through traditional Japanese poetry, German folk songs, South African poetry or Aboriginal artworks, our pupils love to discover and connect with the wider world and its people through the arts. 


A year on, and we continue to marvel at the lessons and projects Julian brings home from Clarence. His teachers at Clarence have also been wonderful at responding to his unique sensibilities and sensitivities to help draw him out of his shell and encourage a real sense of curiosity and fun, as well as instill confidence as his English vocabulary grows. We and Julian couldn't be happier at Clarence, and look forward to next year!

Since the day my boy started attending Clarence, I was 100% sure I made the right choice. Such a positive atmosphere and friendly staff. The teachers are very professional, making the learning process both productive and fun. I just love the idea that the kids are learning to appreciate all forms of art at these early stages. It's my younger son who attends this school so with my experience I can definitely recommend Clarence as one of the best kindergartens for your little one!

My four year old son has attended Clarence for one year now. I am so happy with the environment, the teachers, and the quality of education! He likes it so much here that he asked to walk by the school every day during the holiday break just to see it. He is always happy to go to school. This is a fantastic and warm place for early learners. I highly recommend Clarence for both Japanese and expatriate families.

To give children the wings of imagination with which they can live their lives freely and happily beyond any hardship or challenge.


Imagination, which is nurtured by the power of the arts, such as music, theatre, poetry, dance and storytelling, can shape their lives and the lives of those around them. The arts give children three gifts: a connection to the golden grains of the past, an appreciation of the everlasting present, and an inspiring torch to light the path towards the future through imagination, a search for meaning, and a sense of purpose.



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