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A Day at Clarence

Join us as we talk a deep dive into a day in the life of a Clarence preschooler! 

08:45 - 09:00am - Children start to arrive at school, some walking, some by bike and some on our Clarence school bus. We say goodbye to parents and good morning to our friends and teachers! Once school bags have been neatly packed away we are ready to meet for Circle Time. 

09:00am - We begin the day by coming together as a group for Circle Time. We look at the calendar and sing a few songs to wake up and warm our spirits, usually with actions to get us moving! Each week we learn a new poem and practice reciting to each other and then after a short round of yoga we are ready to begin the day.


09:30am - We move into our Read Write Inc phonics groups where we learn to read and write. We have small groups to ensure our development is guided at exactly the right pace and pitch for us. Through fun activities we learn all the letter sounds, how to blend letter sounds and gradually build up to reading short books which we can take home and read to our families! 


10:00am - Time for snacks and a short break. Each day we enjoy a small nutritious snack made especially for us by the local organic café. Then we are rested and ready to learn again! 


10:20am - From now until lunch time is curricular time and depending on the weather we may go to a park or to a local green space to learn. The day of the week decides if we will work on our mathematical skills, explore the world of visual arts or meet with our music teachers for piano tuition. 


11:45am - Lunch time. We tuck into our homemade bentos or our Luca Deli ordered lunches. Afterwards we are able to choose a free activity such as exploring the roleplay area, construction station, sensory play, fine-motor skills area or simply reading a book with our friends.


12:30pm - Some of our younger students will take a nap to make sure they are energised for the afternoon. After a story they fall asleep with full bellies and happy thoughts about the learning to come. Our older students meanwhile enjoy extra time focussing on the exciting curricular activities which we have planned or take a walk to the park for a sports lesson. 


14:45pm - It's already time to start preparing for the end of the day. We come together again as a class and read a story before gathering our belongings and saying goodbye. Some of us will go home but for many children the fun will continue as they join our After School Programme! 

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